Donate A Dress | Free Session Voucher

Donate A Dress | Free Session Voucher

Turn your old wedding dress or formal attire into a FREE session! (& a free 8×10 print)

Lurking somewhere in the far reaches of your closet is a lovely dress that you bought for some special occasion but only wore once (or twice). She is feeling unloved and lonely; we would like to change that! At our “Home for Wayward Clothing” (AKA the studio wardrobe), your unloved clothing will see lots of use and attention!

We are seeking to build a small wardrobe of elegant clothing in all sizes to accommodate the many different women & girls that we photograph. Having our own wardrobe will give everyone access to an extra outfit or two during their session and will remove the stress of “what will I wear?”

What we are looking for:

  • old wedding dress
  • prom dresses
  • formal attire
  • silky or lace blouses (form fitting is best)
  • Scarves or wraps

Any donated pieces that do not fit into the wardrobe will be sold with all proceeds being donated to The Lindsey House, a non-profit shelter for low income moms with kids. Even if we don’t choose to hold onto the dress for our studio wardrobe, you’ll still receive a free session and print voucher.

How this works:

  1. Contact me directly using this form or via email or text/call me at (303)408-4874
  2. Set an appointment for your session and let us know you would like to donate a dress!
  3. Pay a $100 retainer to lock in your appointment with the studio. This retainer will be refunded at your reveal if you choose not to place a print order. Otherwise, we can put it towards your order.
  4. Arrive with your hair & make up already done the way you like it or schedule our in-house pros for a makeover ($49 make up and $75 hair)
  5. Bring your dress to the shoot. If you’d like to model it for us at the shoot, even better!
  6. We will schedule a follow up appointment for you to come in an experience an in-person reveal at our studio, where you’ll view hardcopy matted proofs from your session.
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