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Cake Smash Portraits

$125.00 /session

This includes the photographer's fee for time, equipment and the following items:

  • Pre-shoot consult with photographer to creatively stylize your session and meet your child
  • 1-2 hour session, either on location or in studio
  • First round of editing, additional editing will occur at $25/hr.
  • Images will be shown as hard copy matted proofs at your proofing reveal, done in the comfort of your own home. We will also review a custom slideshow featuring images from your entire gallery set to music.
  • Print and canvas sales available in person at the proofing reveal.

Some advice on cake smashes:

A cake smash is a wonderful and fun way to memorialize a baby's first birthday and it is my absolute favorite type of portrait session.

Typically, this type of session takes about an hour or longer, depending on the child's previous experience with cake. With so many parents (myself included) opting to delay sweets in their baby's diet, some babies will be slower to investigate all of the fun they can have smearing cake, crawling over it and tasting all of it's sugary goodness. This type of session can also be done indoors at the studio or at your home, but I prefer to get messy outdoors on location if the weather is nice!

A few pointers:

* Plan ahead and order their outfit for the session. I only come equipped with basic costumes: a bow tie for boys and headbands for girls.
* Please put together a Pinterest board with images from sessions you'd like to model your own after and share the link with me. Being able to see what you like ahead of time will ensure positive end results and will allow me to properly plan what I need to bring to the shoot.
* Fondant is not your friend. As cute as it is and as classy as it seems, fondant does not make for good cake smash pictures. Opt for buttercream.
* King Soopers and a lot of other stores will furnish you with a free personal sized smash cake when you purchase a larger cake for the party guests... just ask!

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Tulsa Cake Smash Photographer

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