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We loved working with Tami. She is very professional, has a great eye, and my children were extremely comfortable around her. She was prompt in setting up the sitting, and worked hard to get pictures to us quickly. We are very pleased, and will definitely work with her in the future.

Linnea B.
Longmont, CO

Tulsa Special Needs Photographer

Some children require more care, patience, creativity and attention than others when it comes to photography.

I love babies and children of all ages, some can even liken me to a child in my playfulness! Sessions with me are very casual and gradual - there is no rush or pressure to be "perfect," to look at the camera or event to smile. Some of the best, candid and intimate moments don't involve smiles or looking at the camera. My intention is to be your storyteller and to capture images that evoke the emotions you feel about your family. I want to capture the magical moments. You CAN have that perfect family portrait, but sometimes its not the type of perfection you expect.

What a session with me is like:

  • I want to meet your family ahead of time to introduce myself and get a feel for everyone's personalities and dynamic. This is a great time to make sure our personalities are a fit and to stylize your upcoming session to better fit the images in your head. You've got enough on your plate, you don't have to plan this alone! I want to help make this an easy and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
  • Shooting times may vary. I plan out two hours but typically only shoot for an hour; your child will determine the pace and length of the session; if he's generally pretty happy but being difficult, we have that extra hour to fall back on. I am a patient photographer and will give your child some distance for most of the session. I totally understand that you can't plan for your child's moods, so we will just take it as it comes.
  • I can work a few poses into the session if your child allows, but most of what I will capture will be candid - the magic between poses! There's a lot of play involved in our sessions, so please be sure to bring snacks or other comfort items to maximize our time together.
  • Be sure to dress your child comfortably, especially if they are sensitive to textures or tags. A child who is comfortable will be easier to work with than one who is annoyed by tags or his pants.
  • Please be sure child is in good health (no colds or runny noses), is well-rested and is fed beforehand. A child with a cold, who is overdue for a nap or "hangry" generally doesn't want their pictures taken.

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